The Mary Renault Society

The Triangle Area of North Carolina

The New LGBTQ Center of Durham

Helena Cragg

On June 24 the Mary Renault Society will gather at the new LGBTQ Center of Durham, now in its own space. The vision of the Center is “to create a community where all LGBTQ+ lived experiences are affirmed, supported, and celebrated.” You will learn about how the Center was created and where it is going.

The speaker, Helena Cragg, is the Board Chair of the Center. A native of New York City, she also spent many years in Cambridge, MA, after graduating from M.I.T. with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management. After moving to Atlanta, she became a real estate broker and a remodeling contractor.

Since coming to Durham in 2003 she has been able to further her love for restoring historic homes and getting involved in active and engaged communities. She and her wife Sylvia call Old North Durham home where Helena is currently serving as co-President of the neighborhood association. This year, Helena promises to finish their own personal home.


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