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Edna St. Vincent Millay Shakespeare
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Billy Collins

Dr. Glenn Cassidy of Carrboro has a Ph.D. in public policy analysis and training in social science research and has taught public finance at several universities, including UNC Chapel Hill. He is therefore an obvious choice to speak on humor to the Mary Renault Society.

Dr. Cassidy’s published poetry and short fiction often draw on social science and public policy issues, finding humor in the behavior of humans, politicians, celebrities, and other vertebrates. His work has been entertaining enough to be published in The Dead Mule School of Southern Poetry, Main Street Rag, Prime Number Magazine, and other literary journals and anthologies.

In addition to reading from his own work, Dr. C will lead us to guffaw at poetry by Shakespeare, Billy Collins, Ogden Nash, Paul Muldoon, and/or Edna St Vincent Millay (Kleenices will be provided for those who need them).

He maintains a blog at

Some poems of Dr. Cassidy’s can be found online at:

Some works by poets you may have heard of and that Dr. Cassidy plans to read or reference:

And here are two pictures that go with poems Dr. C will read:

SaggyThe Kiss


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