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Music Technology and Music: Past to (almost) Present - POSTPONED

Unfortunately, due to a higher alert level in COVID-19 Delta cases, we must POSTPONE this meeting to a later date.

Jim Laing at keyboards

In this presentation, Jim Laing will treat you to a demo/talk about modern music technology (mostly keyboards and related mysteries), explain a bit how things work, and demo by playing various music from many genres, from the past to “almost” present. (Fear not, he plans to skip over Hip Hop and Dub-Step styles.) The question we might ask after the demo is: “IMAGINE WHAT BACH (or Mozart or Beethoven ...) COULD DO WITH THIS TECHNOLOGY!”

Jim Laing’s entrance into the music world began when he got private organ lessons as a young boy. These evolved into piano and electronic keyboards. He began playing in bands in high school and through college, right up to the present day. Jim’s broad musical repertoire includes classic rock, musicals, jazz, classical, as well as a bit of country and R&B. Come and be amazed again.


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