The Mary Renault Society

The Triangle Area of North Carolina

Pool and Grill!

Jack's Pool

On June 27, Jack Preston has invited the members of MRS to an outdoor exercise and culinary event centered on his swimming pool and grill. Members (and guests?) are invited to bring towels and swimsuits and warm up his pool from 5 to 6 (yes, au naturel swimming is also a possibility). Non-swimmers are welcome to just enjoy being with friends around the pool (sunlight leaves the pool around 4:00) — though glass containers are forbidden there (did you ever try to find a chunk of glass five feet deep under the water?)

Grilling will begin around 6, as well as the sampling of member-brought dishes (if you want hot dogs, please bring your own hot dogs and buns).

Because of the circumstances, this will be for vaccinated members only.


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