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Tom DowOur presenter, Tom Dow, has just returned from a long stay in Berlin and will be sharing some of his experiences and observations with us. Be prepared for a highly quixotic, quirky insight into Berlin. You can find a lot of museum/hotel information on the web, so this presentation will center on the current secret world of Berlin (with hints for cool shopping for whatever), with a bit of realia to share and show. There will be a few off-the-wall poems and even a splash on Prague. Attendees will be welcome to add their insights and experiences as well.

Tom, a native of Washington, D.C., has traveled widely in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. He lived in the San Francisco Bay area before teaching in Japan for 16 years until 2000, when he relocated to NC. His degrees in Anthropology/ Linguistics, French, and ES/FL, as well as a MFA in writing, have informed his travels. He identifies himself as a language traveler and continues to write on various related topics, with publication credits that include poetry, fiction, and travel humor; other interests in painting and gardening add dimension to his itineraries. This time he gets to share an insider’s view of Berlin.

Berlin-Ruins of the FrauenkircheBerlin




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