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Village Hearth Cohousing

Allan Keech and Christopher Ross Margaret Roesch and Pat McAulay

Remember the hippie communes that flourished in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s? Based on the belief that living in community was better than living in isolation, they lived off the grid, raised their own food, home-schooled the children, and, in general, lived out the counterculture phrase popularized by Timothy Leary: “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

Fast forward several decades. We came back to the cities and suburbs we once spurned, lived in single family homes or anonymous apartment buildings, had a career and perhaps married and raised a family. Now we are either looking at or have already opted for retirement.

Where to live? More importantly, where to live as we age? In community, of course! Because living in community is still better than living in isolation. In community, we can age in place, providing each other with the mutual support we need and desire.

Come learn about Village Hearth Cohousing, complete with electricity, running water, modern kitchens, and privacy when you want it and opportunities to socialize in the common house when you don’t!

Become a part of this 55-and-over, LGBT-and-friends hamlet from the ground up, as we design and build our community on 15 beautiful, wooded acres just 18 minutes north of downtown Durham, allowing access to all that the Triangle has to offer while also providing relative seclusion in a natural setting.

Presenters include VHC founders Margaret Roesch and Pat McAulay, transplants from Indiana and Michigan, respectively. Their take on co-housing? “Living in community is a pro-active way to enjoy our retirement, simplify our living space, and have energy left for the fun stuff.”

Also presenting will be Allan Keech and Christopher Ross, transplants from New York City, for whom VHC is the perfect place, satisfying Allan’s need for a green, peaceful, quiet place to live and Christopher’s need to be on-the-town and out-and-about.


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