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The Arts at NC State University

Mark TulbertMark Tulbert is the director of marketing for Arts NC State, which is the collective of the six visual and performing arts programs of NC State University. After almost 24 years working with the arts programs of NC State, he has achieved “institutional memory” status. For his first 23 years at NC State, Mark was associate director of the performing arts series (with many other “duties as assigned”); he then was promoted into the arts marketing role in June 2016.

Mark is a native of North Carolina and has lived here most of his life. He grew up in the tiny foothills town of Union Grove which, in the 1970s, could flex from a no-stoplight unincorporated crossroads to one of the largest cities in the state in just one weekend (thus his claim to growing up among hippies, Hare Krishnas and Hells Angels). Mark and his husband, Rob Maddrey, have been together since meeting at a wholesome Durham Bulls baseball game on August 4, 1985, and have been legally hitched since their 25th anniversary on August 4, 2010.

Mr. Tulbert will give MRS a general overview of the arts opportunities at the university, talk about plans for the opening of the new Gregg Museum of Art & Design at the end of August, and give a preview of arts events on tap for the 17-18 season.


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