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Gender and Sexuality in Christian History

Dr. Randall StyersThis presentation will offer an overview of the development of different ideas of gender and sexuality over the history of Christian thought. Christianity has included a much more varied, and complex, set of perspectives on these issues than many people recognize, and this discussion will highlight some of the most important aspects of that diversity.

The presenter, Dr. Randall Styers, is Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Associate Professor of Religious Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. With degrees from Duke University, Yale Divinity School, and Yale Law School, he taught for four years on the theology faculty at Union Theological Seminary in New York before joining the faculty at UNC. Dr. Styers’ research and teaching focus on religion in modern Western culture, including critical approaches to the study of religion, religion and gender, and religion in American law and politics. He’s also the author of Making Magic: Religion, Magic, and Science in the Modern World (Oxford University Press, 2004). We could hardly have anyone better to expand our horizons.

Anonymous - <em>The meeting of Adam and Eve</em> Duomo de Monreale, Sicily, Italy - 12th cent. Michelangelo - <em>Creation of Eve</em>, Sistine Chapel Albrecht Dürer - <em>Adam and Eve</em>: 1507; oil on panel William Blake - <em>Adam and Eve</em> Masaccio, Masolino and others - <em>The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden</em> (Italian: <em>Cacciata dei progenitori dall'Eden</em>) walls of the Brancacci Chapel, church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence around 1425 Lucas Cranach the Elder - <em>The Golden Age</em> Hans Memling - <em>Last Judgment Triptych</em> William Adolphe Bougureau - <em>Dante and Virgil in Hell</em> Luca Signorelli - <em>The Elect (detail)</em> The Frescos of San Brizio Chapel in Orvieto

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