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The Long View of Historic Preservation

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Myrick Howard led Preservation North Carolina from 1978-2023.

Our September 2023 speaker is J. Myrick Howard, who retired this year after serving as President of Preservation North Carolina for 45 years. He is now President Emeritus.

He has built the nonprofit into one of the most respected of its kind in the nation. He has also been the Marion S. Covington Professor of Practice in Historic Preservation in the UNC Department of City & Regional Planning since 1988. He has a Master’s in Regional Planning and a law degree from UNC. His 2006 book, Buying Time for Heritage, is a classic on the subject of preservation revolving funds.

Preservation NC will have a Celebration of Myrick’s Service from 1 to 4 pm on September 17 at the historic Ayr Mount house in Hillsborough.

Myrick has spoken to MRS more than once in the past. This time, he is in a position to look back at the past half century and provide insights in “The Long View of Historic Preservation.”


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