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Legal Issues with Jeffrey Marsocci

From the April 25 memo of Mr. Marsocci’s law firm:

Unfortunately it happens too often. About a week ago, someone called our office about having some estate planning done for him and his partner. He told us … he really needed our help to get documents in place for him and his partner. He also said that they had talked about planning for years, but things needed to be done right away.

That was when we asked why it needed to be done right away.

He told us that he needed to get at least the healthcare power of attorney and financial power of attorney done immediately for his partner because the partner was in the hospital, he was unable to make decisions for himself, and the family had “taken over” to the point they kicked him out of his house. Actually, the house was in the sick partner’s name only. And most of the financial accounts were as well. And, basically, the partner not in the hospital was all but broke.

It was difficult to tell him, but he was out of luck when it came to getting power of attorney for his partner because he was obviously not competent to sign the power of attorney documents. This also meant that there was also no way to make sure he inherited from his partner if his partner did pass on. What was probably the most difficult thing was all of it could have been put in place at any point prior to his partner falling ill, and he said that he never expected his partner’s family to act this way. This situation just illustrates that there is no perfect time for life and estate planning, but there does come a time when it is too late to plan.

Jeffrey G. MarsocciMr. Marsocci is the Chairman of The National Institute for Domestic Partner Estate Planning and is a member of the Legal Council for The Estate Plan, a nationally recognized estate preservation company. His background puts him is a superior position to tell us on May 22 about taking control of our financial/legal affairs to reach our goals and protect those we care about. This will include how partners can achieve most common planning goals, pitfalls that can ruin finances and families, and the single best planning solution for committed domestic partners to legally empower themselves.

Estate Planning for Domestic PartnersThe IRA TrustThe Gay Marriage AlternativeMr. Marsocci has been practicing law in his own firm in Raleigh since 1996, focusing on the areas of Wills, Trusts and Life & Estate Planning. He has also authored the books, The Gay Marriage Alternative, The IRA Trust: Turning Inherited Retirement Accounts Into a Financial Dynasty, and Estate Planning for Domestic Partners: The Legal Secrets You Need to Know to Protect Your Partner and Your Future. In addition, he frequently hosts seminars for domestic partners. This year he was honored by the City of Raleigh with the 2011 Human Relations Business Award.

If there is any chance your life and affairs are not in order, you need to be at this meeting (but feel welcome to come even if you are not having any affairs).


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