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Trans People: Everything You Were Afraid to Know But Wanted to Ask

Elaine MartinRarely are the emotional aspects of "trans-ness"  discussed nor the effects of hormones on emotion, physique, attraction and the way they (hormones) actually feel.  Or, how trans-people have a unique perspective on both male and female courting behaviors and feelings.  Or, how we stay married or, more often, divorce and why.  Or, the ways that gay people and trans people are alike and different as they grow up and come out.  This guided, interactive discussion will attempt to explore these areas through information, questions, answers, and anecdotal experience.  Our intent will be to inform with good humor and allow us to learn in a safe space, without being self conscious.  

Elaine Martin has always been active as a volunteer in non-profit organizations as diverse as musical theater and legislative lobbying. She held numerous positions with “The Southern Comfort Conference” (SCC) in programming, as a board member and as president. SCC in the largest conference of transgendered people in the world representing all parts of the trans spectrum and the professionals who serve them. She was Chair of Equality NC (C4) for two and a half years and was a board member for 6 years, having served as Vice Chair. She also served on the Amendment One steering committee. She frequently speaks on a variety of trans related topics to provide deeper understanding of and support for transgender people.

Elaine holds a BA in Psychology, an MBA in Finance, and is a Commercial Pilot. Elaine spent over 20 years in banking, currently owns a small aviation business and is married with children.


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