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The Triangle Area of North Carolina

2016 NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Preview


This year's Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (the second largest in the Southeast) on August 12-20 will be the 21st anniversary of the organization.  The actual choices of films for this year will be announced/published on July 18, and on July 24, MRS members will be treated to previews of the men's feature films.  Presenters will be Bill Tautphaeus (on the Festival Selection Committee) and Jim Manchester.

Besides being the author of AD 2040: Clear and Present Danger Triumph of the Religious Right, and chairing Rainbow-New Apostolic Church international meetings, Bill is on the Selection Committee for the Festival, wading his way through over 200 films. Jim is not only the webmaster for MRS and for the LGBT centers of Raleigh and Durham but for six other organizations in our community as well.

This will be an exciting year for the NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Plan on coming to both MRS and the Festival.


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