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Being an LGBT Legislator in NC

Rep. Cecil A. BrockmanRep. Cecil A. Brockman, 33, is one of three openly LGBT members of the NC House of Representatives. He lives in High Point and represents House District 60, which includes parts of High Point and Greensboro. He was elected in 2014.

He grew up in High Point and graduated in political science from UNC-Charlotte. His career has been as a political consultant. He has worked for several campaigns, including that of Rep. Marcus Brandon, his predecessor in the House seat he holds now. Rep. Brandon was also openly LGBT. He and Rep. Brockman are the only openly LGBT legislators ever in NC who are African American.

In talking to us, Rep. Brockman plans to focus on his experience as an LGBT legislator, including his decision to come out publicly, his relationships with other legislators and with his constituents, and the work he has done on various issues. His time in the State House has included the nationally covered fight over HB2.


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