The Mary Renault Society

The Triangle Area of North Carolina

An Evening of Gay Poetry

Tom Dow 2019 color

You are invited to bring a favorite (short) gay poem to June’s MRS gathering -- don’t forget! In addition to yours, Tom Dow will have poems from mostly contemporary gay poets (Richard Blanco and others) and throw in a couple of his own for laughs. Tom will co-ordinate the reading.

Tom, a native of Washington, D.C., has traveled widely in Asia, Latin America and Europe. He taught in Japan for 16 years until 2000, when he relocated to NC. His degrees in Anthropology/Linguistics, French, and ES/FL, as well as an MFA in writing, have informed his travels. He identifies himself as a language traveler and continues to write on various related topics, with publication credits that include poetry, fiction, and travel humor; other interests in painting and gardening add dimension to his itineraries. Tom currently teaches poetry classes for his local college creative writing program and is engaged in an ambitious memoir (CNF) of his adventures in Japan.


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