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A Basic Understanding of Today’s Technology: A Follow-Up

Where Is the ANY Button

Last April, we were treated to a talk by John Bartoldus on the bane of our exis…. that is, on today’s technology. Well, that was yesterday’s technology, it’s a year later. Though millennials were quite obviously born with an implanted computer chip, some wiser and older people have to do things the slow, hard way.

Fortunately John has been in the IT field since 1986. He covered some basics of relevant technology with us last year, and this time he plans to lead us into the nature of digital media and streaming media options. Digital media covers the realms of music, pictures, and videos.  He'll show folks how to deal with converting media in hard form to digital as well as enhancing personal libraries by augmenting catalogs using online music and video streaming services. Sound familiar? If not, come join us.

John has also said that if there are specific topics members would like to hear more about, e-mail Bill and he’ll group and forward them to John.


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