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Democracy in 2022

Damon Circosta

Have you possibly heard cries of “election fraud” and “stolen election” anywhere? The Mary Renault Society speaker for October, Damon Circosta, might have an insight or two; he holds two very notable positions.

One, he is Executive Director of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation in Raleigh, which he has called “the best job in the world.” In that job, he works with Jim Goodmon, who runs Capital Broadcasting and WRAL and is a member of the Fletcher family, to come up with creative ways to spend the foundation’s money to improve the community.

Two, he is Chair of the State Board of Elections, which he has not called the best job in the world, but which is very important, especially right now. The State Board is responsible for making decisions about how elections are conducted all over the State.

Damon grew up in northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon and graduated from the University of Arizona Law School. Before he moved to North Carolina, he worked on Capitol Hill (he has an unusual story about how he got to know a fellow Arizonan, Chief Justice William Rehnquist).

After he moved to North Carolina, Damon ran a nonprofit called the NC Center for Voter Education. In 2012 he moved to the A.J. Fletcher Foundation.

Damon was appointed Chair of the State Board in 2019, shortly before election officials from the highest levels down to the precinct came under scrutiny--some would say harassment--by people intent on discrediting election results. By October 23, when he speaks to us, Damon should have a clearer picture of what the prospects are for a fair and manageable election on election day, November 8, 2022. Are you at all worried about a repeat of the 2020 election? Be here.


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