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Counting Every Vote: Running Elections in North Carolina

Damon CircostaMost of us are aware of the $148 million verdict of damages against Rudy Giuliani for verbally attacking two Georgia election worker (and his subsequent filing for bankruptcy). And most of us are aware of a fairly recent rise in threats of violence directed at election workers, which has left some states with problems staffing elections. Will one such be North Carolina?

We are delighted that our speaker for January 28 is again Damon Circosta. Mr. Circosta, the Executive Director of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation since 2012, served as Chair of the North Carolina State Board of Elections from 2019 to 2023. As an appointee of a Democratic Governor, Damon dealt with the actions of a Republican-controlled legislature during and following the presidency of Donald Trump. He supervised the presidential election of 2020 and the off-year election of 2022. This work gave him insight into what has to be done to make sure every vote counts in the presidential election year of 2024. How this work will be done is his topic this month.


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