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What’s Up with All These Legislative Attacks on LGBT People?

Holning Lau

Our speaker for February 25 is Holning Lau, the Willie P. Mangum Distinguished Professor of Law at UNC Law School. He is an internationally recognized expert on international and comparative approaches to equality rights, especially in the contexts of sexuality, gender, and family life. Holning has spoken to MRS several times. At one meeting, he proposed the seemingly novel idea that the U.S. Civil Rights Act’s ban on sex discrimination should be used to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. The next time he spoke to us, the US Supreme Court had surprised everyone by adopting the very theory Holning had suggested. The case was Bostock v Clayton County.

His topic for our February meeting will be the rise of anti-LGBTQ laws concerning children (e.g., “Don’t Say Gay” restrictions in schools, bans on providing gender-affirming health care to minors).


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