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Tom DowTom Dow will present a few short excerpts from a novella set in Berlin that he is wrapping up. Most of the selections are humorous and reveal some awkward, sexy and surprising aspects of the city, and show how a well-intentioned American guy might deal with — not always with complete success — the interesting people and situations he finds there.

Tom, a native of Washington, D.C., has traveled widely in Asia, Latin America and Europe. He lived in the San Francisco Bay area before teaching in Japan for 16 years until 2000, when he relocated to NC. His degrees in Anthropology/ Linguistics, French, and ES/FL, as well as a MFA in writing, have informed his travels. He identifies himself as a language traveler and continues to write on various related topics, with publication credits that include poetry, fiction, and travel humor; other interests in painting and gardening add dimension to his itineraries. This time he again gets to share an insider’s view of Berlin.

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