The Mary Renault Society

The Triangle Area of North Carolina

Pool and Grill!

Jack's Pool

For July 25, Jack Preston has invited the members of MRS to an outdoor exercise and culinary event centered on his swimming pool and grill. At 5 p.m. members (and guests) are invited to bring towels and swimsuits and enjoy his pool (which sunlight leaves before then; and yes, au naturel swimming is an option). Non-swimmers are welcome to just enjoy being with friends around the pool (just so you know, glass containers are forbidden there for safety).

At 6 p.m. Jack will begin connoisseur grilling, providing hamburgers and rolls, condiments, and soft drinks; if you want hot dogs and buns or veggie burgers, bring your own and Jack will grill them too. Members are also welcome to bring dishes to share that complement the meal.  

There will be no speaker at this event; but after dinner we will gather for a brief general meeting to discuss future events and some other important matters. 

Because of COVID, this event will be for vaccinated members only.


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